Huge Thank You to the Direct Line Group


Prior to Covid 19 we loved having teams from various local businesses come to our unit and help out for the day seeing what goes on at our baby bank first hand.

One member from Direct Line nominated us as a charity for a pot of money they share out to charities and we were amazed last week to receive an email to say we had been successful and £5000 was on it’s way. This money can make a huge difference to families in need across Leeds.

For example, £5000 could buy us so much.

£1000 of this money could buy 10 cots with mattresses so little ones can sleep safe and warm.
£1000 of this money could buy around 40 safety gates to ensure families can keep their little ones safe.
£1000 could pay around 111 packs of nappies (£9pp)

So you can see how many families we can help with this money.

Thank you to everyone at Directline Group for your continued support.

From the Leeds Baby Bank team and all the grateful families in Leeds who need us.