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Charity information

Leeds Baby Bank was set up in January 2017 by the Co-Founders who had a shared interest in supporting families in and around Leeds. Together with a passionate team of Trustees, volunteers and an army of amazing supporters, the charity has grown at rapid speed and helped provide thousands of families in need with essential items to ensure that their little ones are safe, growing and developing.

We work on a referral only basis. Referrals are received from professionals working directly with families. Our charity actively seeks donations of pre-loved items to reduce landfill and help promote a more sustainable city. Leeds Baby Bank runs a successful volunteer programme for the local community and provides placement opportunities for local colleges, universities and businesses.

Opening hours

We are open Monday and Thursday between 9.30am and 3pm. Friday 9.30am till 12.30pm.

The best way to contact us is to email us or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter. Please be aware that we are only open part time and our social media channels are staffed by volunteers who juggle this role with work and families, so please bear with us if we don’t respond straight away.

Why does Leeds Baby Bank exist?

Over 170,000 people in Leeds are estimated to be in relative poverty after housing costs. It is estimated there are at least 33,000 children living in poverty in Leeds – (that’s around 20 per cent in comparison to 17 per cent nationally.) It is also thought that these figures are under-representative of the true number of children living in poverty.

Children experiencing poverty are more likely to face a wide range of difficulties, both in day-to-day life and for the future. There are strong links between experiencing poverty as a child and having poorer mental and physical health, a shorter life expectancy, lower educational attainment and lower paid insecure work.

Leeds Baby Bank is dedicated to ensuring all children can thrive and develop as they should by having safe places to sleep, food to eat, and toys to grow and develop as they should.

Baby banks should not have to exist, but while there are children in poverty in our city we will do everything in our power to help struggling families. Families just like us.

Our impact

A few stories of families we’ve supported recently via our referral partners:

“I referred a family to the Leeds baby bank who had recently moved into the country and had applied for universal credit. The youngest child did not have a cot and was co-sleeping in a bed with Mum. Mum was also struggling to buy nappies and clothes for her older child and the baby. I referred to the baby bank for a cot and mattress, pushchair, clothes and nappies as she had no benefits until the Universal Credit claim was processed, which could take up to 8 weeks.

The baby bank were able to provide all of the items that were requested and the baby had a safe place to sleep. Both children had clothes that would fit and keep them warm and they had an adequate supply of nappies so that their basic care needs could be met. When the equipment was delivered the parent was so relieved and grateful and the children were very excited to see new things coming into the house.”

“I referred a family to Leeds Baby bank for help with their one year old and two day old baby. I requested milk, bottles, a steriliser, a pram for the newborn, a cot and a toddler bed for the one year old.

The family had not been in the country long and had not been using sterile bottles and re-using the bottles they were given in the hospital due to lack of funds. The one year old child was sleeping in a buggy and the two day old baby was sleeping in a dolls pram as they had no cot or crib. The family had absolutely no money and no recourse to public funds.”